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  • Summary of Changes since Phase 2.0
  • About the NRAO Archive Access Tool

  • Searching
  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Reprocessing

  • Known Issues

    • Search Index and Database

    • Performance

    • Reprocessing Errors

  • Reporting Bugs (NRAO staff)

  • Notes to the Users Committee


Summary of Changes since Phase 2.0

  • Some planned changes
  • Some random changes
  • Downloaded format can be specified as raw data or  CASA measurement sets (EVLA and ALMA only)
  • Flags generated during observing can be applied and online averaging (Spectral, Time) can be selected
  • Capability to select scans for the measurement set
  • Downloaded files can be delivered as a tar file
  • AUI staff can select a delivery directory for downloads
  • Download requests for ALMA and GBT data will be processed and delivered in Charlottesville


This is the updated NRAO Science Data Archive. It is a tool to provide access to the vast repository of astronomical data we’ve collected over the years, both public data and data still in the proprietary period: data you have proposed for and observed or been given access to.